Pre Conception Counseling

Pre Conception Counseling

With a population of nearly 8 billion people. It's fair to say that humans are really into making more of their kind. However, it is highly crucial to plan one’s family.

Pre Conception Counseling

Family planning is often confused with contraception or preventing childbirth. Well, this is far from the truth. Family planning involves extensively laying out all the possible problems that may arise while raising a family and sorting those issues out before they have arisen. The problems are to be prevented, and financials are to be planned beforehand to avoid any sort of dysfunctionality within the family paradigm.
Family planning is reduced to and used synonymously with birth control. However, birth control is only a part of family planning, and it involves many other objectives like promoting sexual awareness, sex education, and awareness about reproductive healthcare services.
Family planning promotes numerous benefits for the well-being of the new born, the mother, the family, and by extension, the community at large as well.

What do we involve in Family Planning?

Maternal Health

By properly spacing apart and timing the pregnancies. Not to mention, the child-bearers health should be a matter of utmost concern before and after the pregnancy. So, this is the most crucial part of family planning.

Long-term health and well-being of New born

By spacing out pregnancies. Each new-born gets the proper attention and care they need during their infancy. This ensures long-term good health and well-being of a child.

Proper Financial Management

Needless to say, raising children is very expensive. Couples who are unaware of this fact raise their children in extremely poor conditions, which is not at all suitable for a child. This hampers their relationships, health, and the community at large.

Avoid Unplanned Pregnancy

Unplanned pregnancies can be largely avoided with proper planning and use of contraceptives and healthy sexual practices.

Educates couples about sexual health

Proper planning of a family educates couples of all ages about sexual health. A lot of sexually transmitted diseases can be avoided this way.

Aids in population Control

This, however, lays low on the priority list of family planning. This is mostly for the community. To avoid overcrowding and also balance financials. This decision depends totally on the couple raising the child. If their finances permit them to have children, they may have as many as they want.

Better relationship between partners and children

Properly spaced-out children not only help you keep your budget in check but also helps you maintain stronger bonds individually with all your offspring and your partner as well. In any relationship, giving adequate family and individual time is crucial to fostering meaningful and long-lasting bonds. The pillars of any family are built through years of loving and trusting each other. This comes only with time. Happiness cannot be traded for time.
These are all the major points that need to be discussed by you and your partner in great detail before starting a family. I hope we didn’t scare you off completely. Now you know the essence of family planning and know the importance of making responsible choices. Each and every decision that you make impact your entire life and even the community and the entire societal structure. That said, families are awesome.

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